Monday, May 26, 2014

If Ever

If I ever get myself up to writing here weekly like I should I would be excited. Seems I can have all the want in the world, but still fall down when it comes to action. Once again I make a start and once again I make plans. 

It's been 8 months since that day I got the e-mail putting me into the world of card games again. I played around early and then found other things to do (Diablo 3 update) that took me away from Hearthstone. I returned around the start of the year once again and found I really do like the game but I hate losing enough that I get frustrated and walk away for a time. I am the average player that the game thrives on and always leads on enough to get me to think I might get better one day. I play enough to keep my quests done And rank up the ladder into the teens. I do love to watch the streamer play! I even learn a few things time to time by doing so. 

This last weekend the shiney had worn off Diablo enough that I played mostly Hearthstone and watched Trump in his 12 hour streams. I found myself on my EU (Europe) free to play account most of the time where I own almost no cards and had spent so little time I only had one hero up to level 9. I played around and ranked 3 of the heros up to 10+ and crushed all the AI on easy and advanced to grab the achievements and the resulting gold to buy more packs. 5 packs later I had a new legendary and a couple other nice cards on the account. Played the free first run in arena and managed 5-6 wins. Don't really remember which. Put together a F2P shaman and priest and ran quickly up to rank 19 so the end on the season would add a card back to the account. 

This is where it got interesting... 

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