Sunday, November 3, 2013


When you enter the arena area and agree to a fee payment (cash or gold) you are offered a choice of three classes to play randomly. Have just started and not knowing anything but Mage I am sad to see that is not an option for me. I do see priest and select it. You are then shown 3 cards to chose from. These can be class cards or common to all classes but will all be of the same rarity. You pick a card and  another set of 3 with be shown. This continues till you have picked thirty times completing a deck. 

Deck chosen and off I go to Match wits with another player I hope is as new as myself or playing cards they know nothing about like I do. 

Now you get to play match after match till one of two things happens. You either win a total of nine games or you lose three. Either of these will end your arena run. Guess which I had happen?

Three games later I am looking at the menu to do something else, lol. 

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